Connex for QuickBooks Online

The best solution to sync with QuickBooks Online!

  • Starter - up to 1,800 yearly transactions
  • Growth - up to 6,000 yearly transactions
  • Pro - up to 12,000 yearly transactions
  • Super - up to 30,000 yearly transactions
  • Ultra - up to 90,000 yearly transactions
  • Ultra Plus - up to 120,000 yearly transactions

Integration between QuickBooks Online and your order management or shipping solution.

Connex for QuickBooks Online automatically syncs customers, inventory, products, and orders with QuickBooks Online. There are no files to install and the sync runs automatically – saving you hours of labor and the risk of data-entry errors!

Connex for QuickBooks Online supports multi-currency and QuickBooks Online in the U.S. and abroad, and is compatible with Amazon, Authorize.NET, eBay, Infusionsoft, Magento, Shopify, ShipStation, Stripe and more!

  • $399 activation fee applies to monthly plans only. Activation fee waived on annual plans.
  • Onboarding includes thirty minutes of live set-up assistance.
  • Start at a lower plan and be automatically upgraded. No overage charges.
  • For up to date plan benefits, visit the Connex for QuickBooks Online pricing page.